Born too late

There’s a story on MSNBC ( about children with the condition Stephen had — apparently it’s called severe combined immunodeficiency or SCID. He had both SCID and hemophilia. Anyway, there is now an experimental treatment that allows children with SCID to live normal lives, and it works long-term. So there are now treatments for both of his conditions,

There was a big earthquake on the East Coast, and Hurricane Irene is heading towards, but reading about the treatment was like a blow. He would have been 49 now.

For a long time, until I met Tim, I never thought I’d get married. I had lost Stephen, and was dumped unceremoniously by the only boy I let get close to me in high school (he committed suicide the summer after my freshman year in college; I don’t know why, since he dumped me in our junior year of high school, and we hadn’t spoken since). I spent the rest of college thinking if I got close to a guy, he’d die, so I couldn’t get close to a guy. Tim snuck in under my defenses. 🙂

Stephen could be treated now, as could his older brother (who passed away in infancy from the same conditions). He was just born half a century too soon.

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